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Marine Business

Marine Business Windproof Ashtray w/Lid - White [30102]

Marine Business Windproof Ashtray w/Lid - White [30102]

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Windproof Ashtray with Lid - White

Marine Business ashtrays have been designed especially for the outdoors.

The interior is stainless steel and covered by a leatherette fabric (with a decorative screen print). They are heavy, to make them stable, and non-slip to stop them sliding around on the table or other surfaces with the risk of cigarette ends on the floor or boat deck.

The windproof lid in stainless steel also stops ash from flying out and dirtying the boat. Available in leatherette in 5 colors and in suede in two colors.


Magnetic stainless steel 18/0. Leatherette exterior To wash the ashtray, take it apart and wash the lid separately. Wash the tray trying not to wet the suede part too much: To prevent problems and rust spots caused by moisture and salt, all pieces should be dried thoroughly and kept in a dry place after use. To wash the leatherette use a damp cloth.


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